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Transform your bathroom with Bellegno: Tips and trends 2023

Transformez votre salle de bain avec Bellegno : Conseils et tendances 2023

The bathroom is an intimate and personal space. This is where each day begins and ends. With the constant evolution of trends, 2023 promises to be a year full of innovations for this essential piece. Discover how Bellegno can guide you in transforming your bathroom.

The history of bathroom design

To understand current trends, it is essential to know the evolution of bathroom design. From the first functional bathrooms to the luxurious bathrooms of today, each decade has brought its share of innovations and styles.

The key trends of 2023

  1. Natural materials : Wood, stone and marble are in the spotlight, bringing a warm and authentic touch.

  1. Integrated technology : Connected mirrors, smart showers and LED lighting transform the bathroom experience.
  1. Sustainability : Eco-design and reducing water consumption have become priorities. The wood in our furniture is FSC® certified: responsible forest management.

The advantages of Bellegno furniture

Our furniture is designed to meet the needs of modern consumers. They combine aesthetics, functionality and durability. Furthermore, with our ecological commitment, choosing Bellegno means making a responsible choice.

Tips for a successful renovation

  1. Plan ahead : Evaluate your needs and budget before you begin.
  2. Choose durable materials : They will better resist time and wear.
  3. Integrate technological elements : They will bring comfort and modernity to your bathroom.

Anecdote of the day: Renovation mistakes

Did you know that some people have tried to install a bathtub on a wooden floor without reinforcement? Result: a bathtub in the basement! Good planning is essential to avoid this type of mishap.

In conclusion, renovating your bathroom is an exciting but demanding project. With Bellegno at your side, you benefit from expert advice and quality products to transform your space into a place of relaxation and well-being.

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